Online activities

Teachers teach and artists get creative, no matter what’s going on in the world. And that’s why, even though we can’t visit all of you at your schools, senior centers, rec centers, and other venues these days, we’ve been busy at work adding to our online content. A global pandemic may have been enough to shutdown our planned showcase, but we’ve taken what you would have seen there (and quite a bit more) and added it to two new sections of We have no added:

Online Showcase

Almost all of our artists have videos either demoing or discussing the programs they offer. It’s an opportunity to see a sample of what you’ll get when we get to return to your venues, whenever that happens to be.

Quarantine Classes

Here’s where we hope you’ll really get to have fun, right along with us. We’ve been working in whatever spaces we’ve been able to create activities for you to do at home. Learn some solo movement exercises with PUSH, build big balloon sculptures with Airigami, go on an adventure with Likah. Soon, you’ll be able to make juggling props with Ted. Some of these classes are live, allowing you to interact with them. Others are recorded before they’re shared. Just like you, we’re trying to keep busy. Let’s keep busy together (but separately).

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