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Web site and roster questions

For questions/concerns regarding this web site, feel free to contact us at Note that this web site is maintained by the working artists on the roster. Teaching Artists ROC does not have office hours, or, for that matter, an office, or an administrator. If you write to us, we’ll do our best to answer, but we are not able to answer questions about specific artists or to take bookings. For that information, please read on.

Contacting and booking artists

At the current time, there are two ways to book most of the artists on this roster.

  1. You may contact them directly. Each artist/ensemble has contact information on their individual listings. If you prefer to not deal with a middle man, use their contact info to get a hold of them.
  2. You may contact Young Audiences of Western New York  (716.881.0917). Some artists may be hard to reach, or you may have funding requirements that demand working with a non-profit agency, or you may just feel more comfortable going through an agency that works closely with artists and can handle scheduling of multiple bookings for you. (Note that not all of our artists take bookings through YAWNY. We are working on making that clear on the site. Expect updates to that soon. Until then, feel free to ask either YAWNY or the artist and we’ll do our best to make the booking process easy for you.)

Joining our roster

If you were on the Young Audiences of Rochester roster before that organization closed its doors, we’d love to hear from you. If you were never a YAR artist, but you are a teaching artist in the Rochester, NY area, we’d love to eventually include you too. Our goal is not to be exclusive. However, please understand that at the moment, we are simply unable to add everyone at once. We’re trying to take things slowly to ensure that the educational institutions that were used to booking high quality programs through YAR continue to have positive experiences. We’re limiting membership on this roster to those that previously worked with YAR. Over time, we hope to lift that restriction.