Quarantine Classes

We may be unable to visit schools, rec centers, and senior centers right now, but that won’t stop us from sharing with you now. We’ll do what we can to provide some online learning during this uncomfortable time of social distancing. Check out our offerings here, let us know what you think, and come back often to see what we’re adding.

PUSH Physical Theatre

For the past year, Rochester’s world-renowned PUSH Physical Theatre has been prioritizing projects that address loneliness and social isolation, such as its recent partnership with the Roanoke (VA) Arts Commission’s “The Lighthouse Project.” The 2019 national study which inspired it, entitled “Loneliness and the Arts in Virginia’s Alleghany Highlands,” revealed that – in addition to mental health consequences – chronic loneliness carries the same physical health risks as obesity, alcohol abuse, and smoking 15 cigarettes per day, increasing the risk of early death by 30%. Those alarming statistics are especially concerning during the COVID-19 pandemic, when social distancing is crucial for its containment.

PUSH’s recent focus on the effects of isolation has resulted in a plan of action, as real-time, in-person access to the arts and arts education disappears due to the closure of colleges, schools, and arts organizations.

Following are PUSH’s “Reach Out and Virtually Touch Someone” videos:


Larry Moss and Kelly Cheatle, the Creative and Artistic Directors of Airigami will be broadcasting from home in this experimental online series. If you have balloons available, you can try stuff at home. If you don’t have balloons, don’t worry. The artists will make the experience fun by showing examples of how the basics can be applied to make more elaborate sculptures. Come ready with questions and help guide the direction of this interactive, video classroom.

We’re developing this series on the fly, during this unusual time while we’re all trapped at home. Join us and help shape the way these lessons/shows are presented.

Deep Arts

Enjoy LIKAH!’s adventures at home with songs & musical videos from LIKAH! A Puppy Musical. Each fun-filled musical video has accompanying downloadable LIKAH! At Home activities!
You’ll also find words to each song… so you can sing-a-long with LIKAH!


Download activity sheet for “The Water Bowl”
Download activity sheet for “Pies”

Antisocial Art Show

This isn’t a part of the Teaching Artists ROC web site. It was created by our artists, but it actually stands on its own. With all of us at home now, we just want to encourage all of you to create art and share it. Hundreds of people have already participated. You don’t have to be a professional artist. You just have to take a few minutes to express yourself through art, music, dance, poetry or anything else you can dream up. Take a look at AntisocialArtShow.org. Let’s make stuff together! (separately)

Zoom Juggling Classes with Red Tie Variety

If you’ve ever wanted to learn the life skill of juggling, here’s your chance! And it’s FREE!

This is a fun four part class! You can come to any one of the four session or all four.

Session 1: How to make juggling scarves and how to juggle them.
Session 2: How to make juggling beanbags and how to juggle them.
Session 3: Gaining consistency juggling scarves or balls, coordination games, how to learn any trick.
Session 4: Creating a routine and where to go from here. Instructor: Ted Baumhauer, Ed.D.

To schedule for your group: tedbaumhauer@me.com