About Teaching Artists ROC


Based in Western and Central NY, Teaching Artists ROC was formed in 2017. Earlier that year, another teaching artist organization in Rochester shut its doors, creating a void within the local education system and after-school programming for arts enrichment and curriculum support. Many teaching artists on that roster were eager to continue providing quality programming that they had developed and used with great success. With that in mind, Teaching Artists ROC has a new vision, goals and fresh structure to better serve the Rochester community for decades to come.

Teaching Artists ROC is steadily moving in new directions and taking on new challenges, while still honoring the spirit and importance of arts integration in education. We are now reaching out to other artists, venues and events to develop into a more diverse organization. Who we are, what we provide, and where we are performing expands with every new day.

This is done with the skills and creativity that’s just naturally part of being a teaching artist.

We encourage you to explore the Artists & Programs available, browse the Video Showcase to see some of their talents, and/or Contact us for more information.

Support Staff

Larry Moss

Executive Director

Gretchen Anthony

Arts Administrator/
Program Coordinator

George Muiruri

Studio Artist

Book an Artist!

Use the contact form on this website to inquire about the availability of a TAROC artist or ensemble for your organization or next event. Remember to include the date, time and location of your event in the Message section of the form as well. We will reach out to you with more information and details about your upcoming TAROC experience!


Join Our Roster!

Interested in joining the Teaching Artists ROC? The first step is to fill out the contact form on this website. We are still developing procedures for auditioning and vetting new artists, so we may need a little time to get to everyone, but we’re doing our best.