CATEGORIES: Visual Art, Performance Art
CURRICULUM CATEGORIES: STEM, Special Ed, Project Based Learning
AGES: Pre-K-12, All ages
PROGRAMS: Available Virtual or Live
ALSO AVAILABLE: Customized Programming, Special Needs, Senior Living and Team/Group Development

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Artists Larry Moss and Kelly Cheatle, also working with John Wolfson, have been creating ‘full-blown’ installations that enchant both young and old for over twenty years. Airigami projects like Elastic Park, Balloon Manor, and Fantastic Flying Octopus have been the subject of much local, national, and international media attention. Their unique fine art and award-winning illustration work has been showcased around the world.

Their achievements have been recognized by The Wall Street Journal, the Associated Press, CNN Headline, PBS, Smithsonian Magazine, and Ripley’s Believe It or Not!, The Martha Stewart Show, NBC’s ‘Today Show’, and they have appeared at the White House.

Performances: Available Virtual or Live On Stage

How to Catch a Mouse: Simple Machines at Work
Some people know science is fun. Others need to be convinced. How to Catch a Mouse has entertained thousands of audiences with math, science and art and you can catch it next! Balloons are used to construct a Rube Goldberg-style mouse trap intended to solve the problem of a mouse on the loose. Many student volunteers aid in the construction of this working machine. Discovering how machines work and the eagerness to set a trap in motion make this an enjoyable show for everyone involved!

Presentations to younger grades focus on the concepts of simple machines, working together and encourage problem solving skills through the use of common objects. The names and functions of the basic machines are highlighted. In addition to the basics, older children are presented with a bit more information on the forces in nature that affect the way machines work.


  • To introduce or reinforce concepts about the nature and structure of simple machines
  • To encourage problem solving
  • To present an unusual art form to students

(Grades K-5) 45-60 minutes

Magic, Danger, Suspense, and Silliness
You can expect ear to ear smiles and laughter from the audience! From wacky antics to impossible stunts, this interactive magic show has something for everyone! John Wolfson is your fun and hilarious guide through surprising optical illusions, puzzles, and feats of danger(?)

(All grade levels, Senior Living friendly, Special Needs friendly) 45-60 minutes

"A show marrying the energy of ‘Blue’s Clues’ with the whimsy of Bob Ross.” - Kenneth Sturtz The New York Times

Mysteries Unlocked
Magicians don’t give away their secrets; they teach methods for the impossible. You’ll be amazed by how easy it can be to master impressive illusions! With a curriculum ranging from simple tricks that can be mastered immediately to routines that require days or weeks of regular practice, students will also gain confidence in communication, motor skills and executive function. This presentation is available as a brief workshop or as a residency program.

(All grade levels, Senior Living friendly, Special Needs friendly)

Workshops and Residencies: Live Only

A Pi Day Project: Making a Blueberry Pi
STEM to STEAM: In this hands-on Workshop, students use balloons and math to build a massive blueberry pie in the classroom. Younger students can work on their counting and arithmetic skills while older students get to use their knowledge of more advanced mathematics to calculate all of the elements of the pie, and get to see in a very tactile way, how well their calculations worked. This Workshop can be extended to accommodate a full Residency program as well as professional development programs. Contact for additional information.

(Grades 3-12, Senior Living friendly, Special Needs friendly)

Bubble Murals
It’s a creative 2-D installation designed to be built by community members using biodegradable latex balloons! Designed by the experts at Airigami, this hands-on exhibit engages visitors in a communal project with maximum impact and minimal mess.

(All grade levels, Senior Living friendly, Special Needs friendly)

Color Me Curious
This exhibit involves interactive, larger-than-life balloon kaleidoscopes. Participants engage with this temporary exhibit while jewel-toned, translucent balloons tumble and mix before their eyes.

Scaleable format for short term events (1-7 days). Add-on experiences can focus on fun social media friendly moments or STEAM activities.

(All grade levels, Senior Living friendly, Special Needs friendly)

Mission Inflatable
Are you looking for a unique teambuilding experience that will both delight and challenge your people? Are you looking for more than just an enjoyable afternoon? Are you hoping for energy and learning you can take back to work? If you are looking for any or all of this, you might want to consider Mission Inflatable!

(Tween through Adult, Team Building)


Workshops: Online or Live

Soaring to New Heights: Art, Science, and Paper Airplanes in the Classroom
There are many ways in which science can be taught through art. This hands-on presentation can be re-used in classrooms with young children. Participants will follow along with the creation of working models that demonstrate the physics of flight. Creative exploration will be encouraged to see how imaginative and artistic ideas affect the flying models. Quizzes and competitions will further test the ideas employed by students, and see who can make the best paper plane!

Professional Development Programs: Live Only

Modified versions of Making a Blueberry Pi (above) and Mission: Inflatable (above) lend themselves to professional development. They can be used for active team-building for the participants as well as using them to teach teachers and program leaders best practices in developing team-building activities. Programs are customized for the needs of the audience.

Professional Development Programs: Online Only

This interactive workshop provides an overview of different online platforms and tools that professionals can use to help address their specific needs when teaching and presenting. Participants will be provided with the information they need to dive into these platforms, as well as how to utilize software and hardware tools to make the online experiences they create more engaging, while hopefully simplifying the process of building lessons and presentations.



Hey, talkative is good.
Who doesn’t love an inspiring story? Airigami does more than bring balloon sculptures to life—we can enliven events as your guest speaker or facilitator. As entrepreneurs and artists, we understand the challenges of contributing to business in meaningful ways and living your best creative life. We’ve spoken to dozens of organizations to help motivate teams and inspire people to bring their full imagination to work—and play well with others.

Of course, we’re great with kids, too. 
Speaking engagements with grownups are fun—but working with a roomful of tweens is a whole other level of joy. We’ve had the pleasure of working with scouting organizations through the years to help spark the minds of their troops. We’d love to work with yours, too.