CATEGORIES: Performing Arts, Music, Language Arts
AGES: Grades 3-12, All ages
PROGRAMS: Available Virtual or Live
ALSO AVAILABLE: Customized Programming, Special Needs, Senior Living

Daystar is...

A Pembina (Little Shell) Chippewa woman who dances, sings and tells stories about Native American people and places!

The ‘storytelling theatre’ of DAYSTAR emphasizes a respect for Native American belief systems and world view while offering a broad interpretive reflection on those traditions. DAYSTAR performs and teaches contemporary Intertribal Dance, historical and modern dance, mask and mask-making, singing and character transformation. DAYSTAR is a multi-ethnic, multi-generational dance company that presents an expression of Indigenous peoples living strong in the 21st century. Daystar/Rosalie Jones was born on the Blackfeet Reservation in Montana and acknowledges Pembina (Little Shell) ancestry as passed through her mother’s lineage.

Note: Daystar Dance Drama presentations accommodate well to the curriculums in Social Sciences, History, Literature, Music, Environment and Cultural Studies.

Performances: Available Virtual or Live

Songs and Dances of Turtle Island
The company presents Native American Intertribal Dances, as experienced in the contemporary ‘powwow’ – annual gatherings of native peoples of all tribes, celebrating life, friendship and Indigeneity. Select from two programs:

Program 1: As solosit, Daystar/Rosalie Jones will introduce and demonstrate the Woodland Jingle Dress Dance, its story and meanings.

(All Ages) 40 minutes

Program 2: With the ensemble, Daystar will present dances performed in 'powwow': The traditional Women's Dance, The Butterfly Dance (women's fancy shawl), Legacy of the Dream (Jingle Dress Dance) and The Grass Dance (men's dance).

(All Ages) 60 minutes

'Learning' Events: Available Virtual or Live

Songs, Dances and Stories of Turtle Island
A participatory session to experience the fish, bird and animal stories of Indigenous peoples, selected from: The Welcome Song (Haida) The Fish Dance (Menominee), The Mosquito Song/Dance (Cherokee), the Duck Song/Dance (Creek), Inuit Igloo Dance, the Snake/River Dance (Ojibway). Includes the Jingle Dress Dance story/demo as time allows.

(Grades 3 to 8) Virtual: emphasis on Songs with two Dances. Students will engage actively in 15 minute segments, with a five minute talk or video between two segments and a five minute closing. Teacher and Daystar must plan ahead on specific content for specific grades.

(Grades 3 to 8) Live: 15 students. 40 minutes

(High School - Adults) Live: 25 persons. 60 or 90 minutes

The Medicine Wheel - Teaching the Cycles of Life
Among the Anishinaabe of the Great Lakes, the Medicine Wheel is a teaching tool through which to discover the gifts of our world and our relationship to them. With the guidance of Elders, it is left to the individual to understand aspects of each Direction in the Wheel and to allow that knowledge to assist the self in the development of Mno-Bimadziwiin – “the good life". Presented with Powerpoint and discussion afterwards.

(High School - Adults) 60 minutes

Workshops: Live only

Native American Hoop Dance
The Elders tell us that dancing the Hoop dance is a mirror through which one learns to take on the challenges in our lives. The more hoops you can dance with, the more challenges you can face. Up to 15 students will learn to manipulate 3-5 hoops that imitate objects in nature: water, bird’s nest, squirrel, eagle, sun, moon along with their teachings. Gym or open space classroom required. Daystar will provide hoops.

(High School - Adults) 12 persons. 90 minutes

Senior & Special Needs Programs: Available Virtual or Live

Adapted Song, Dance, Storytelling. Participants will engage for two 10 minute segments with one 5 min break and 5 min closing.

Live: 12 persons. 30 minutes

Virtual: unlimited. 30 minutes

Daystar/Rosalie Jones

Daystar: Contemporary Dance Drama of Indian America