Grupo Cultural Latinos en Rochester

CATEGORIES: Performing Arts, Visual Arts, Language Arts
CURRICULUM CATEGORIES: Multi Ling, Soc Studies, SEL, Phys Ed
AGES: K - 2, 3-5, 6-8, All Ages, Senior Liv, Special Needs
PROGRAMS: Available Virtual or Live
ALSO AVAILABLE: Customized Programming, Special Needs & Senior Living


Grupo Cultural Latinos en Rochester’s vision is to share the diverse cultures and folklore of Latino communities found world wide with residents of Western New York State. GCLER’s focus is on providing arts education for all while supporting local artists living among us who specialize in these cultural skill sets.

Programs are available for children, adults and seniors which transcend barriers of language and culture. For over a decade, performances and classes have introduced and supported Latino culture at recreation centers, school/after-school sites & area museums. These include dance classes, bi-lingual story time, public performances and more.

Residencies/Workshops Available Live or Virtual

Latin American Balconies​
Students create their own miniature Balconies and Facades using a variety of crafting materials. During this workshop they’ll learn about the different styles of houses, especially the balconies that are an important part of these structures, found in South America while building one for themselves.

(Grades 3-12 & Adults) 2 sessions of 60 minutes each

Caribbean Mask Making
Masks are part of the widespread carnival and dance traditions throughout Latin America. Design, create, display and wear your completed mask. During this workshop, participants will discover the roots, variety of styles, representation and cultural practice of Caribbean Mask Making.

(Grades 2-12) 45 -60 minutes - 1 hour
Adults   3 sessions

Games, Stories and Dance while learning Spanish​
Students will participate in games like Loteria and Bingo. Dance and movement activities accompanied by Spanish music are also part of the program. Interwoven in this workshop are basic words, directions and casual conversations with Spanish speakers. This is a fun and easy way to be introduced to and practice speaking Spanish.

(Grades 3-12) 45 - 60

Storytime from South America
No Spanish language skills are required! All ages, regardless of language skills, will be engaged with these music rhymes, songs and stories from outstanding Latino authors and illustrators. Participants are introduced to Latino culture while singing and listening to the rhythms and words presented in this workshop.

(Grades K-6) 45 - 60 minutes

Hats, Masks & Headpieces for Carnival​
This workshop is for various ages. Students create fun and interesting carnival headpieces, masks or hats. With a variety of materials available, the end results are limitless. The importance of Carnival is explained while the creation process is happening. Themes for the headdress, masks & hats can be requested prior to the workshop to fit specific study topics or project requirements.

(Grades K - 12) 45 - 60 minutes




Adaptive workshop and performance content and related activities can always be tailored to the interests, abilities and needs of a specific group. Contact Teaching Artists ROC to start the conversation.