Howard Edmond

CATEGORIES: Performing Arts, Music, Language Arts, SEL
AGES: Grades 2, 3-5, 6-8, All ages, Senior Living, Special Needs
PROGRAMS: Available Virtual or Live
ALSO AVAILABLE: Customized Programming, Senior Living, Special Needs

Howard Edmond has been a storyteller and mentor for over 35 years. He has recorded four seasonal specials for WXXI. The local TV show “Many Visions, Many Voices” has had him as a guest several times, once bringing 7th grade tellers from Livonia Junior High to tell their stories on the air. He has presented and taught at the NY Language Arts conference, historical societies, Boy & Girl Scouts as well as schools and libraries throughout New York state. The Credo of Floating Eagle Feather, “In the power of story, in the joy of story, to create a world of power and joy for all living beings.” is a guiding force for his work/play.


“A storyteller restores a sense of wonder by restorying the world. A world where frogs talk and ancient gods walk among us. A world where we once again hear the piper at the edge of the woods.”

Performances: Available Virtual or Live 



Haudenosaunee Tales & Legends
Using a wrap-around scenario of a typical Winter’s day for the “People of the Longhouse” Howard recreates the context in which the stories were told. Drawing from the rich resources of our local traditional stories, he acquaints the listeners with the tales told by the old ones around the central fire.

Grades 4 & 7, 45 minutes

Ghost Stories from around the World
Everyone loves a spooky tale. Here are stories from the Haudenosaunee, Japan, China, Austria etc. plus many from his fertile imagination. All are sure to entertain. Depending on the age of the audience, they range from humorous, suspenseful to downright chilling.

All ages, 45 minutes


Senior Storytelling
Having worked at the Office for the Aging and seven years of caretaking, Howard holds a warm spot in his heart for our Elders. They are the generation that was brought up hearing stories on the radio and around the campfire. This session offers a variety of stories that can range from personal tales, historical stories and folklore.

Senior Life, 45 minutes

Create A Program
Howard will customize a program or workshop on any theme. Working with you to create a storytelling session that fits your unique needs. Past programs have included themes such as the Revolutionary War, Civil War, Tales from Desert cultures and Trickster tales.

45 - 60 minutes



Post-Performance Workshops
With small groups of 10 - 12 students or adults who wish to learn the art of Storytelling. Students learn how to improve their skills in sharing their stories

30 - 45 minutes

Storytelling Workshops
Students & adults learn the art of Storytelling. Attendees improve their own techniques and skills in sharing their stories by practicing how to breathe, stand/move and speak in front of an audience.

Grades 2 thru Adult, 45 - 60 minutes 



“Mr. Edmond’s storytelling both entertains and educates....he instructs students in the lost art of storytelling and inspires them to share their new found talent. We look forward to his annual Fall visit.”
Mary Jo Dussault (former) teacher, 7th Grade teacher, Livonia Junior High