Jay Stetzer

CATEGORIES: Performing Arts, Music, Language Arts
AGES: K-6, All ages
PROGRAMS: Available Virtual or Live
ALSO AVAILABLE: Customized Programming, Special Needs, Senior Living

A popular storyteller throughout the US since 1978, Jay Stetzer has given countless performances at fairs, festivals, schools, colleges and conferences and has appeared frequently on radio and television. He has been a performing member of Young Audiences since 1983 and was elected as a finalist for their “Artist of the Year” award in 1988. He appears regularly with the RPO and other orchestras throughout the U.S.

Jay makes his home in Rochester, where radio listeners can hear his popular program, “Tales in Two Minutes”. He is the 2008 winner of the coveted “Artist of the Year” award from the Arts and Cultural Council of greater Rochester.

Performance/Workshop: Available Online or Live

All in a Story
Follow the creation of the steel drum, or “pan,” from its African roots to its own distinct musical tradition. Learn why and how people came up with the idea of making musical instruments from oil barrels. From beginning to end students will participate in the music-making, including the creation of a steel band performing on your stage.

Grades K-12, 45 minutes

Performance/Workshop: Live Only

Taking Words, Making Words
A performance/workshop that demonstrates the uses of various storytelling skills toward the development of an effective storytelling style.

Grades K-12, 45 minutes

Senior & Special Needs Programs

All in the Family
Stories that emphasize the value of memory and perspective gained by living through decades and history.