Jennifer Jones, Artist portrait

Jennifer J. Jones

CATEGORIES: Visual Arts, Misc

AGES: Pre-K-12, All Ages
PROGRAMS: Available Virtual or In-person
ALSO AVAILABLE: Customized Programming

Jennifer is a culture bearer for people of African Descent in the Americas and the Caribbean. Community, creativity, and exploration are parts of her life’s theme. As an educator, she’s able to practice these traits to their fullest potential. Additionally, she loves to learn!  Her knowledge explorations are evident in the degrees she holds. These are from the State University of New York, College at Brockport; the University of Accra in Ghana West African; and the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology in Kumasi, West Africa. Her bachelor’s degrees are in African and African-American Studies, Psychology, and Studio Art. Additionally, she holds a master’s degree in Public Administration and an Advanced Certificate in School District Leadership.

Jennifer enjoys exploring intergenerational and diverse relationships through culture and stories shared through traditions! Journeys full of wonder, color, music, dance, celebrations and FOOD, are inspirations to create and to share!

WORKSHOPS: Available In-Person

West African Adinkras

In this workshop learn the history and meaning of Adinkra symbols found throughout West Africa. Students will then create their own Adinkras utilizing either paints or T-shirt printing (to be decided on with the group leader prior to the program) to produce a finished piece of art.

Grades K-12, Adults and Seniors, Special Needs; 45-90 mins, 1-2 sessions

Jennifer Jones painting Jennifer Jones t-shirt Jennifer Jones t-shirt painting


Zen Tangles

Found in many cultures, Zen Tangles and variations are used on fabric, decorating buildings and for paper products. In this residency something amazing is created with basic lines and patterns by using markers (fabric, crayola or permanent depending on request of group leader). Attendees learn how to make patterns and the mathematics behind it as they come up with their own design. This is a relaxing and fun activity.

Grades 7-12, Adults, Seniors; 45-90 mins, 2-4 sessions

Jennifer Jones tangles Jennifer Jones tangles Jennifer Jones tangles

Beadwork (strung)

The history and importance of beads and beadwork will be shared in this program. Where they are found, how they are used and valued throughout the world and over the course of human history will be introduced. Following a pattern, the class will create their own bracelet, necklace, waist beads or keychain utilizing an assortment of beads.

Grades 4-10, Adults, Seniors; 45-90 mins, 1 sessions and residencies available

Wire wrapping (with/without beads) jewelry or sculpture

Bend, fold and twist wire to create jewelry or sculptures such as the Tree of Life, with or without beads as embellishments. Students will handcraft individual items using their imagination and some basic tools. The end result for each person is something both interesting and unique. The content and sophistication level of this workshop can be adjusted for experience and grade-appropriateness.

Grades 5-12, Adults, Seniors; 45-90 mins, 2-4 sessions

Jennifer Jones tangles Jennifer Jones tangles Jennifer Jones tangles