Karen Dieruf

CATEGORIES: Performing Arts, Launguage Arts
AGES: Grades 3-12
PROGRAMS: Available Virtual or Live
ALSO AVAILABLE: Customized Programming, Team/Goup Building

Karen Dieruf is founder & Producing Artistic Director of “The Open Road Theatre”, a nonprofit children’s theatre company for grades 2 - college. With 16+ years experience as a theatre arts educator, she’s worked with youth of all ages, backgrounds and educational challenges in New England, Kentucky and the Rochester area. Over 14 years, Karen has produced and directed 23 full-length pieces. Students in her workshops collectively engage in improvisation, writing their dialogue for group scenes. Her extensive experience working with teachers is utilized to engage students to produce original scripted material demonstrating knowledge specific to grade level study units. Academic degrees include: Master of Fine Arts in Theatre Education (Emerson College, Boston, Mass.), BA in Sociology (University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY), Massachusetts Teacher Certification: Communication/Performing Arts; K-12.

Workshop/Residency: Available Online or Live

Heroes and Heroines - A Mythmaking Workshop
In this program, the class will collaborate to write and present an original short Myth/Play creating their own characters - developing scripted group scene dialogue in their unique world. The question, “What is a Hero/Heroin?” will be explored. The difference between a true hero and a false hero is introduced and examined. Students engage with obstacles and a ‘sudden’ crisis to solve - with clearly defined event sequences that culminate in a final positive resolution benefitting the residents of their world with guidance by the teaching artist. By the end of the course, a clearer understanding of leadership will be evident.

(Grades 3-12;One day, 5 days or 4 weeks

Custom, Senior Living, & Special Needs Programming: Available Online or Live

Adaptive workshop content and related activities can always be tailored to the interests, abilities and needs of a specific group.