Karla Slack & Alma de Mexico

CATEGORIES: Performance Arts, Music, Dance, Visual Arts

AGES: Grades 2-12, Adults, Seniors
PROGRAMS: Live only

Born and raised in Mexico City, Karla is committed to introducing the culture of Central America to others. From an early age, dance was a passion. Her dancing has taken her throughout the Mexican territories, Cuba, Belgium, Spain, Guatemala and the Basque country. Wanting to preserve and share the traditions of both dance and music, she founded a performance group in Mexico. With her relocation later to Rochester, NY., Alma de Mexico was created to share these same cultural components.

Karla’s 25 years of teaching has involved her in many projects. These include: Casa de la Cultura en Ecatepec, Diplomado en la Secretaria de Educacion de Chiapas, and other dance school programs in Mexico. Today she teaches Zumba and is the Director of the music group, Alma de Mexico. It is their goal to preserve the “Soul of Mexico'' in Rochester, NY.

Performances: Available Live Only

Alma de Mexico - Dances
Alma de México demonstrates dances from the many regions of Mexico. Learn the history of areas in Central America and some of the festivals associated with those dance steps and costumes in this performance.

Grades 2-12, Adults, Seniors; 45-60 minutes

Alma de Mexico - Music
Mexican music is known worldwide for its joy and diversity. Alma de México performs a variety of songs representing many areas of Mexico. Played on instruments such as the guitar, cajon, tambourine, violin, donkey jaw and ukulele.

Grades 2-12, Adults, Seniors; 45-60 minutes

Workshops: Available Live Only

Mexican Dance
Participants will learn the steps and movements associated with a variety of Mexican dances. Participants will be introduced to the practice of basic zapateado, skirt technique and the history of that dance.

Grades 2-12, Adults, Seniors; 45-60 minutes

Traditional Games
What types of games do other communities play? Are they similar to ones we enjoy? Learn more, compare your experiences and draw your own conclusions as you take part in traditional Mexican games. Either tabletop or recreational, participants will learn the history of the activity and Spanish words in a fun & playful environment.

Grades 2 - 12, Adults, Seniors; 45 - 60 minutes

Mexican Crafts

Mexico has a long history. Therefore its crafts vary depending on location, culture and time period. Participants will learn to make colorful artistic pieces that include the explanation of the designs used and the history behind them. Eye of God, Huichol table, traditional piñata, sugar skulls are just some of what can be offered for this workshop.

Grades 2 - 12, Adults, Seniors; 45 - 60 minutes