Nada Odeh


AGES: Grades 4-12, Adults, Seniors
PROGRAMS: In-person and Online

Born & raised in Damascus, Nada Odeh is a Syrian artist, humanitarian and modern day poet. Having lived in a variety of countries including Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, she moved to the USA in 2013 because of conflicts and revolutions. Her degrees include a Bachelor in Fine Arts from Damascus University and an M.A. in Museum Studies from Syracuse University with additional workshops in visual arts, communication arts and therapeutic arts. “Nada’s Picassos” is her long term program that began in Damascus, later in Dubai, Michigan and now takes place in NY State. Arabic miniatures, Middle Eastern colors and cultural details influence her artwork. Her pieces have been exhibited in Damascus, Dubai, New York City, Detroit, Toledo, Tiffin, Washington D.C., Syracuse, and Albany. Nada is particularly interested in displaced Syrian women and refugees in camps. Her work with the NY Folklore Society highlighted immigrant and refugee folklore arts.

Workshops: Available In-person or Online

Arabic Calligraphy & Vegetal Arts in Islam
The history of Arabic calligraphy and why it became an art form in the Middle East will be explained. Students will then try their hand at creating artwork inspired by the Arabic Calligraphy and Vegetal arts in Islam that they learned about.

Grades 6-12, Adults, Seniors; 1 - 2 workshops 45 - 60 minutes each or 4 - 8 lessons, 2 - 3 hours each

This residency introduces mediums such as pencil, charcoal, pastel, oil pastels or colors on canvas depending on what is requested. Students learn the basics of how to draw using different techniques. Starting with basic shapes and simple objects such as a vase or apples they can experiment while learning what a particular medium does.

Grades 4-12, Adults, Seniors; 1 - 2 workshop 45 - 60 minutes each or 4 - 8 lessons, 2 - 3 hours each

Using watercolor or acrylics, depending on what is requested, students will create a landscape. While painting, they will learn about colors, shading and what color theory is.

Grades 4-12, Adults, Seniors; 1 - 2 workshop 45 - 60 minutes each or 4 - 8 lessons, 2 - 3 hours each

Community Art Class
With a community group, this program will look for issues that the group itself feels strongly about and is working on. These issues and solutions will then be expressed through different artistic mediums and approaches. Participants will then be provided the opportunity to create artwork that reflects the issues they care about.

Grades 6-12, Adults, Seniors; 2-3 sessions, 2 - 3 hours each

Digital Arts & Visual Design
Anything produced or made on digital media such as illustrations, videos, digital paintings, etc. can be classified as digital art. While using Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator in your computer classroom, Nada’s workshops will help students learn about digital arts and how to create art through software. By the end of these workshops, students will have produced a piece of art for themselves.

Grades 6-12, Adults, Seniors; 4-8 sessions, 45-60 minutes each

Contemporary Arts in the USA & the World
Attendees learn about how the contemporary arts formed today. What modern artists create and their inspirations will be explored. Then it will be time for participants to create their own contemporary pieces. Using markers, collage and/or acrylic paints, while inspired by these famous global artists, each person will have produced an artwork.

Grades 6-12, Adults, Seniors; 1 workshop, 2-3 hours or 4-8 sessions, 30-60 minutes each