Nancy & John Bryan

CATEGORIES: Performing Arts, Music, Launguage Arts
AGES: Grades 3-12, Adults
PROGRAMS: Available Virtual or Live
ALSO AVAILABLE: Customized Programming, Team/Goup Building

"The Songwriter's Playground" is a series of workshops, in virtual or live formats, that acquaints students and participants of all ages, with the very specific craft of songwriting.

Nancy Bryan, Grammy-nominated recording artist and writer/vocalist for Disney Records, familiarizes students with song structure and recording techniques as they, as a group, compose their own lyrics. Her husband John provides and records musical accompaniment as the participants involve themselves in the process.

Song topics are curriculum based at the teacher's choosing. Sessions are 45 minutes in length. There are various options for the final product.

Available Online or Live

Virtual Songwriting
In this residency, which is comprised of four highly interactive virtual sessions, the students are given an analysis of song form, and how its structure is designed to lead to an emotional resolution. Their lyrics will be written to music composed by the Bryans. Guitar accompaniment provides them the music they need as their three writing sessions progress. The final product is shown, and taught to the students in Session 4. It will be Nancy's vocal performance of the original song over John's musical production of drums, keyboards, and guitar. The school will be given a CD of the vocal performance, as well as the mix of "instrumental tracks only", which may be used by these and future students' performances.

(Grades 3-12) (For adults as well) Limit 30 per session.

Virtual Songwriting and Recording
This online residency of five highly interactive virtual sessions begins with an analysis of song form and takes the students into the creation of their own original song. Music and melody are provided by the Bryans. As the class nears the completion of their lyrics, each student will receive an mp3 file of Nancy's rendering of the song over complete musical instrumentation. The students will be asked to rehearse with this recording, giving strict focus to tuning, and more specifically, to Nancy's phrasing. This is an invaluable exercise in teaching a child how to sing. They may record their voices on their phones, or on a free app called "Audacity". These vocal takes are sent to the Bryans, who will drop their performances into the instrumental bed of the song. A CD of the completed song will be given to the school or venue, along with a recording of the song's "instrumental tracks only". These recordings may be used as the school desires.

(Grades 6-12) (For adults as well) Limit 30 per session.

Available Live Only

The Songwriters' Playground
This residency is done live at the school or venue. There will be three writing sessions per song, as they create their own lyrics to music by the Bryans, with multiple recording sessions to follow. Students will feel like rock stars, as they record their group vocals, solos, and harmonies, over a full instrumental track of drums, guitar, and keyboards! A CD master is burned and given to the school or venue for their duplication, along with a master of "instrumental tracks only". What a thrill, as they perform their own original song in concert for their school and their community.

(Grades 3-12) (For adults as well) Limit 30 per session. Pricing available for one or two songs.

“Nancy Bryan is an extremely talented singer/songwriter. I’ve continued to use her writing skills through the nine years that I’ve been A&R Director at Walt Disney Records. She has made a significant contribution to our record projects. As a performer and workshop leader, there is no one that is more inspired or inspiring than Nancy Bryan. Not only will students learn a lot, but they will also feel that they have been communicated with in a very personal and special way”.
Harold Kleiner, Director A&R, Walt Disney Records