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Panel Discussion on Teaching Artistry - June 15, 2024

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Join us for an enlightening panel discussion featuring a diverse group of teaching artists who will share their unique experiences, insights, and perspectives on the transformative power of teaching artistry. As they delve into the challenges, rewards, and creative strategies that shape their work, these dedicated arts professionals will provide valuable knowledge and inspiration for artists, educators, and anyone passionate about the intersection of arts and education. This event is open to all arts & culture audiences and will be particularly relevant for: working artists who are curious about teaching opportunities, organizations, educators who’d like to learn more about hiring teaching artists. This program is joint effort between Rochester Contemporary Art Center and Teaching Artists ROC.

Come early for the discussion in order to give yourself extra time to explore the 6x6 artwork on display and for sale. The annual 6x6 show at RoCo is a fundraiser that supports programs at RoCo.

Normal admission to RoCo is $5. Admission is free for members of RoCo and Artists who work with Teaching Artists Roc.

6x6 Procrastination Party at Rochester Contemporary Art Center. April 5, 2024 6-9 PM. 137 East Ave, Rochester, NY.



The ‘storytelling theatre’ of Daystar/Rosalie Jones emphasizes a respect for Native American belief systems and world view while offering a broad interpretive reflection on those traditions. Daystar performs and teaches contemporary Intertribal Dance, historical and modern dance, mask and mask-making, singing and character transformation.

Unique Fair is a talented fine artist and educator who combines his artistic skills and activism to inspire positive change. From a young age, his passion for art and community organizing flourished, culminating in a powerful vision to create thought-provoking artwork centered around oppression, liberation, and the tensions between them.

James Kegler is a passionate and accomplished singer/spoken word artist with over 10 years of singing/spoken word, songwriting, and performance experience. Drawn to the magic of music and poetry early on, his journey into Performing Arts began in middle school and continued through high school where he graduated from The School of the Arts here in Rochester. Presently, he continues to create and perform all around the state, and is currently a Program Coordinator at The Center for Teen Empowerment, guiding young people through there journey of self advocacy, civic duty and performative arts. 

Larry Moss is an artist and community leader renowned for his inventive, community-driven projects. From his humble beginnings as a NYC street performer to becoming an internationally acclaimed balloon art visionary and founder of Airigami, Larry's journey intertwines art, education, and activism. As an educator and founder of Teaching Artists ROC, he remains dedicated to inspiring individuals to discover their artistic talents and drive positive change within their communities.


  • June 15, 2024

  • 6:00 pm - 7:30 pm

  • Rochester Contemporary Art Center, 137 East Ave, Rochester, NY