Shake on the Lake

CATEGORIES: Performing Arts, Language Arts
AGES: K-12, All ages
PROGRAMS: Available Virtual or Live
ALSO AVAILABLE: Customized Programming

Shake on the Lake is a non-profit arts organization that brings fast, fun, physical theater and arts education to students of all ages. Customizable K-12 education programming focused on Shakespeare, English & Language Arts and theater is offered.

Shake on the Lake stages touring shows to K-12 schools as well. The company specializes in rural underserved communities, adults with dementia and incarcerated students.

Performances/Workshops: Available Virtual or Live

Master Classes
Coaching and consulting with actors, directors & administrators who have decades of combined theater experience is available. One-on-one coaching/consulting or assisting education partners as they cast, direct or explore their own shows can happen.

Create your own package by choosing from topics in; acting, Shakespeare, Music, Voice & Movement, Directing and more.

Grades K-12

Shakespeare Package (Demystify the Bard)
Custom made videos covering topics such as meaning, punctuation, iambic pentameter and acting Shakespeare will be used. We provide time with our actors to get inside the process of a professional artist. Coaching sessions that are either Synchronous or Asynchronous for your troupe with one of our faculty will happen as well.

Grades K-12

Puppetry Package
This will give students the opportunity to explore new types of theatrical art. Learn about the construction, history and performance of various forms of puppetry with nationally renowned artists.

Our team will coach you through the construction and performance of your new puppets in one of a variety of puppetry styles our team has experience with.

Grades K-12

Arts & Activism
Justice and diversity in the arts is important. Learn about representation, theatre and social justice through interviews with artists and change makers around the country.

Sessions with our professionals will teach you about the history of underrepresented populations and their advocacy for civil rights in theatre.

Grades K-12

Performances/Workshops: Available Live

Bring our teaching artists into your school or after-school program. We come to work with your students for a single day or even an entire week. Unique and interactive workshops and lessons will challenge students in new and exciting ways. Bring us in to direct scenes or plays, teach hands on specialties such as stage combat and coach your students.

Grades K-12