Ted Canning

CATEGORIES: Performing Arts, Music
CURRICULUM CATEGORIES: STEM, SEL, Special Ed, Social Studies, Project Based Learning
AGES: K-12, Adults
PROGRAMS: Available Virtual or Live
ALSO AVAILABLE: Customized Programming, Special Needs, Senior Living, Team/Group Building

Percussionist and Teaching Artist Ted Canning has done extensive freelance work in the northeast United States. His work includes performing classical music, theater, big band and jazz. Performances on stage, in workshops and residencies at schools, colleges and community settings happen throughout Western New York and Pennsylvania.

Ted uses music to teach fundamental curriculum skills such as math, language skills, social studies, history and science, illuminating concepts to students and opening doors to other styles of learning. He has performed with national champions “Phase II Pan Groove” in Trinidad and Tobago, as well as in Europe, in Latin America and with numerous steelbands in Brooklyn, New York. Ted now leads the Panloco Steelband , the “Steel Alchemy” Community Steelband and the RIT (Rochester Institute of Technology) Steel Band. He performs with the Trinidad and Tobago Steelband, and has performed with “pan” players from Trinidad and around the world.

Performances: Available Online or Live

Steel Drum Paradise
Follow the creation of the steel drum, or “pan,” from its African roots to its own distinct musical tradition. Learn why and how people came up with the idea of making musical instruments out of oil barrels. From beginning to end students will participate in the music-making, including the creation of a steel band performing on your stage.

(Grades K-12, Adults, Special Needs & Seniors) 45 minutes