Vincent Nunes

CATEGORIES: Performing Arts, Music
AGES: Pre-K-2, All ages
PROGRAMS: Available Virtual or Live
ALSO AVAILABLE: Customized Programming, Special Needs, Senior Living and Team/Group Building

Vincent Nunes writes and performs original, multiple award-winning music for children (ages 2 to 7). His songs enhance curriculum topics, stimulate creative thought, encourage shared community values and inspire the development of fundamental physical skills.

He has been presenting for more than 30 years, often as a keynote or featured presenter at early childhood education conferences across the country (28 states and counting). He is a member of the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC).

Performances: Available Online or Live

Smart Songs for Active Children
In this interactive concert children will hear and sing Vincent Nunes’ original songs which connect to the early childhood curriculum, reinforce community values and nurture creativity. Every song is accompanied by simplified American Sign Language, gestures and other motions which help children retain the content of the song.

“The songs are fresh, lively and engaging… full of humor.” - Parents’ Choice

Grades preK-2, 45 minutes

Move, Move, Move
Vincent Nunes’ original songs introduce age-appropriate fundamental movement skills to early learners. These songs, many from his new release, the multiple award-winning CD of the same name, are fun and keep children hopping, bouncing, running in place, and a variety of other movements essential for children as they develop. Along with physical skills, Vincent’s music introduces foundational curriculum concepts for language and counting, such as prepositions, patterns and sequencing.

Winner of the Tillywig Award, NAPPA Award, Parents’ Picks Award and Creative Child Award.

Grades preK-2, 45 minutes

Building a Better Community Song by Song
In this interactive program, Vincent sings songs about shared community values, self and mutual respect, the importance of volunteering, environmental awareness and responsibility and civility. Children are reminded that the world is filled with many other people, creatures and wonders. Through his songs Vincent invites children to practice both academic and non-academic skills, such as grit and determination, perseverance and participation/cooperation in groups. Full of fun activities, catchy melodies and imaginative lyrics, this program includes songs about racial diversity, gender equality and cooperation.

“Filled with love, fun and positive values throughout….” – KidsFIRST

Grades preK-2, 45 minutes