Deb Haber/DEEP Arts

CATEGORIES: Performing Arts, Music
AGES: K-12
PROGRAMS: Available Virtual or Live
ALSO AVAILABLE: Customized Programming

DEEP Arts offers high quality cultural experiences that entertain while fostering enrichment, communication, positive values and an awareness of literature, social and historical issues to as broad and diverse an audience as possible.

DEEP Arts programming is focused on: the development and presentation of new theatre works; the presentation of contemporary theatrical works and arts education outreach activities focused on literary, social and historical issues for general and educational audiences; the presentation of theatrical works that are based on classic literature reframed to connect with contemporary issues for young audiences meant to be delivered through partnerships with theatres and educational institutions; and artist workshops, audience interactive activities, and educational institution support activities and materials that align with Common Core and State Learning Standards integral to DEEP Arts’ programming.

Performances: Live Only

LIKAH! an original musical theatre piece
LIKAH! relates a special story of unconditional love and pure joy. Its central character is an enthusiastic, storytelling puppy who creates a charming world of exploration, wonder and adventure while discovering life’s lessons and challenges – puddles, snow monsters, an older sister who doesn’t like her! With a bouncy optimistic flair, Likah’s charming world gives way to a deeper storyline that deals with cherishing family and the fundamental issue of loss. Arranged in one whimsical, sad or joyful experience after another, children immediately relate to Likah’s feelings of hurt / self-doubt when being left out, to the joy / self-confidence of realizing she’s special and loved. They’ll be tapping toes and singing their way out the door – the LIKAH! enchantment will remain with young audiences for a very, very long time!

Topics addressed in LIKAH’s! optimistic storyline centers around children’s emotional needs and how the content areas work together providing a strong emphasis on the whole child. Through LIKAH!’s enchanting spirit, life lessons are introduced and thoughtful conversation is stimulated.

Focus: Confidence building, sense of self, accepting and understanding differences, peer pressure, decision-making, importance of strong family connection and coping with loss in a child’s world

(Grades K-5) 50 minutes

Finding Home: Shine the Light
A multi-media presentation, following the development of the new musical Moses Man about the true story of a Holocaust survivor and that story’s collision with those of contemporary refugees, linking them across generations by: Discrimination, Persecution, Genocide, Displacement, Hate.

The presentation captures past and present refugee testimonies/crises, and the upsurge of discrimination and anti-Semitism worldwide and within our own communities.

Students will also have an unique opportunity to preview the start of a developing documentary by multi-Emmy award winning filmmaker Dave Marshall whose film Finding Home portrays the musical creators’ engagement with national scholars, service organizations and notable artists whose work relates to refugees. The film is accompanied by an introduction and discussion facilitated by a teaching artist and has the potential to be a “gateway” to understanding, tolerance and compassion for the next generations and to inspire them to strive for a better world by shining a light on how easily “they” could be “us,” and instigates consideration and change.

(Grades 6-12) 40-50 minutes (flexible)