Tony Padilla
Conga Mania, Tumbao Band

CATEGORIES: Performing Arts, Music
CURRICULUM CATEGORIES: STEM, SEL, Social Studies, Multilingual
AGES: K-12
PROGRAMS: Available Virtual or Live
ALSO AVAILABLE: Customized Programming

With over 30 years of performance experience, Anthony (Tony) Padilla has established an impressive resume. He has conducted percussion workshops throughout the United States, including: The Eastman School Of Music, The New York State Teachers Music Association, The Percussive Arts Society, and a variety of Colleges, High Schools and Elementary facilities. Audiences of all ages have thoroughly enjoyed these workshops.

Classes/Workshops: Available Online Only (Virtual Live or Pre-Recorded Online)

Conga Mania
Students will learn the history of drumming, instruments & rhythms from Latin America.

Grades K-12, 45 minutes

Tumbao Band/Percussion Ensemble
Students observe the interaction of musical instruments to perform Latin American music & the roles of each instrument.

Grades K-12, 45 minutes

Workshops/Performances: Available Live Only

While using percussion instruments in a variety of musical styles, Tony gives his audience an opportunity to participate by performing with him. An assortment of unusual & traditional percussion instruments from around the world are provided which captivate and initiate audience participation. Audience members experience excitement through the rhythms and acquire knowledge about the African & Latin American cultures. “Where there is percussion, there is dance”. All age levels experience success and fun with the world of percussion.

Percussion Instrument Workshops
Several unusual & traditional percussion instruments from around the world will be displayed. Discuss different geographical & cultural origins and their relationship to percussion. Demonstrate different hand techniques to create sounds. Encourage audience participation by inviting students to perform. Conduct exercises for an understanding of time & space in rhythm/music. Teach participants to play the different Afro-Latin rhythms to multi-musical settings including all types of musical genres.

Grades K-12, 45 minutes

Percussion Ensembles
This percussion ensemble is an extremely exciting group of some of the best percussionists in the Rochester area. The ensemble explores the details of the many Afro-Latin rhythms from Cuba, Brazil, Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico. Whether we are playing Salsa, Merengue, Bomba, Plena, Samba, Guaguanco, Mozambique or Comparsa – we establish the traditional interweavings of these rhythms and then add our own variations. The ensemble will discuss the particular rhythm’s origin and instrumentation.

Grades K-12, 45 minutes

Live Band Performances
Tony has collaborated with many musicians allowing him to perform in a great range of musical styles and settings. Duo’s, trio’s, quartets and full band ensembles are available for performances. Learn, understand and differentiate the role as a Latin Percussionist in various musical settings through live performances and workshops. Special guest artist will unite with Tony to perform.

Grades K-12, 45 minutes

Students attend Live Performances to observe multi-musical settings with various instrumentations.